What We Do

Tower Systems is a vertical market software company that specialises on developing and supporting software for retail businesses.

Vertical market means we are niche, focussed on a selection of retail channels, diving deep into their needs.

Tower Systems develops and supports specialised Point of Sale and retail management software for a number of retail marketplaces. Our robust, always-expanding product suite can help you unleash the potential of your business today.

Our preference is to sell to and service local small businesses, rural, regional and high street businesses. We are good at this local small business one-on-one engagement within the niche retail channels for which we have specialty software.

Outside of our core niche retail channels, we have found our off the shelf software to be of service in some other retail situations. For example, swimming pool maintenance businesses have found our software for bike shops to be useful. We have a range of examples like this.

We make what we sell. We train our customers in its use. We support our customers with a help desk and online documentation platform, that we call our knowledge base.

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