No matter how hard you work as a business owner, you can’t be everywhere at once – but with Tower Systems’ multi-store technology, you can act as if you are.

If you’re a small business owner with multiple retail sites then you need flexible software to manage each location with confidence. We first expanded our software suite with multi-store functionality in 2007 and continue to install and support it for dozens of clients, whether they have two shops or twenty. Developed out of our own retail experience running four gift shops, you can rest assured that we’ve considered your needs and have the answers you’re looking for.

For example, if a customer asks for a certain product that is out of stock at their current retail location, our software will immediately check for stock in other stores and inform your customer service staff of its availability. If you have a warehouse location, your staff can use this functionality to provide estimates on how long it will take to restock your retail store, or to transfer stock across from another store. This kind of seamless connectivity is instantaneous, invisible to the customer and representative of the opportunities of a multi-store point of sale system.

Multi-store locations can also be managed remotely, from any device and at any time – all you need is an Internet connection. You may want to do stock item maintenance for all your stores from home in the evening, or arrive invoices for some of your stores while you head to a café for lunch. You can compare store sales data over breakfast, adjust rosters for each store’s employees from the backseat of a taxi and much more.

Our multi-store package has fixed, transparent pricing. While some other retail software platforms charge a monthly amount per terminal, we offer pricing per physical location – whether each of your shops has one computer terminal or three, our competitive pricing remains the same for that location. It’s also eminently scalable - if you have one store now, you can easily add another later.

Tower Systems’ multi-store functionality has been built from the ground up to link your stores and give you the best possible control. We want to help you grow your business.

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