POS software helps small and independent retailers with smart scale integration

Many retail businesses use scales to weigh products they sell. Pet shops weigh out bulk food and litter, produce stores sell feed by weight, garden centres weigh out soil and many other horticultural products, while supermarkets, whole foods stores, confectionery retailers, home brew shops and others need scales for processing many food products at the counter. Have a think about your own store for a moment - are there any products that would benefit from being sold by weight? You may be surprised at the time savings involved and the increase in customer satisfaction.

Tower Systems offers automatic scales integration with its specialist retail software, aspiring to government standards to ensure your independent business meets all relevant compliance requirements. We developed this feature in the software in response to feedback from our existing customers. Our independent business owner customers regularly provide feedback and feature requests direct to the company; when you buy our software, you're entering into an equal partnership with us.

Any store selling products by weight can rely on our scales integration for fast and accurate selling. Although there are alternatives to selling by weight such as splitting and pre-packing stock and double-typing prices at the counter, both these methods waste valuable keystrokes and time while increasing the risk of avoidable mistakes that affect your bottom line. Set up your point of sale right with Tower Systems' scales integration.

We recommend integrating our specialist retail software with the Data Logic Magellan 8400 scales and scanner. This powerful POS scanner/scales hybrid installs directly into your counter top and provides:

  • All-Weighs Scale Platter with integrated Produce Lift Bar or Produce Rail™
  • FirstStrike advanced decoding software delivers the best performance in reading poor quality labels
  • Aggressive and ergonomic 360° 5-sided scanning
  • Host Download - Lowers Service Cost and Improves Operations
  • Diagnostic Reporting - For improved preventative maintenance
  • Productivity Index Reporting™ - Helps identify poorly printed labels
  • Cashier Training™/ Ergonomic Index - Identifies Poor Scanning/Weighing Habits

Our expert staff can install and activate the scales integration module into your Tower Systems retail software remotely.

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