Computer shop POS software helps specialty computer shops serve locally

Australian made. Australian supported. Rent for $185.00 a month.

Yes, computer software for computer shops, that's what our POS software for computer shops is.

Made locally for local computer shops, this POS software for computer shops can help track computer builds, deals for computer / gamer club members, track stock, handle special orders and customers and more.

Take a look for yourself. Here is a video we made in house in which we show some of what this POS software for computer shops can do, how it can be of service.

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From the retail counter management that you see in the computer shop itself to the back room where computers are assembled and products are ordered, this POS software for computer shops is made to help in the management and organisation of the business.

We often see local computer shops running general POS software when they could more usefully benefit from POS software that is more closely aligned with the needs of the business.

Computer shops that handle special orders for customers will find the pre-order, lay-by, customer special orders and other related facilities useful as they can help you capture business long before you have the goods in the shop.

Computer shops that quote for business will find the unique quote and invoice management tools useful as it is designed specifically for that service. This reimagined facility was developed with businesses that do a lot of quotation related work.

With many items in a computer shop smaller and often not able to support a barcode, we have other ways to manage tracking, to ensure accurate stock on hand data. Our work with jewellers has helped us properly cater for this vital need.

This POS software for computer shops is rich in features. While it may not have everything every computer shop is looking for, it is found by plenty to be a good solution, genuinely helpful to the running of the business.

We know we are not a perfect fit for every computer shop. That's why we have an engaging transparent process through which we consult and share, so you can decide if we are close. BTW ... if we think we are not a good fit, we will say so.

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