Software For Health Food & Wholefoods Shops.

Unlimited Terminals. Xero & Shopify integrated

  • Easy and accurate selling.
  • Money making business insights.
  • Time saving roster links.
  • Peace of mind theft mitigation.
  • Awesome supplier links.
  • Sales winning loyalty tools.
  • Easy bundling of products for more sales.
  • Club and group pricing.
  • Personal training.
  • Local human delivered support.
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This POS software for health food shops and wholefoods shops offers facilities that serve the needs of these businesses well. From shopper loyalty to catalogue pricing management to serving produce use information, to scare integration to selling fractional quantities, this software helps local health foods shops provide professional service.

Creating your own products, like muesli, made from other products, can be tracked and managed through this locally made POS software.

Developed locally for local health food shops and whole foods shops, this POS software continues to evolve thanks to the support and advice from those in existing businesses using it. We are grateful for their help in maintaining wonderful POS software for these businesses.

Here’s what’s included in the monthly rental cost: software licences for unlimited computers in the location, help desk support (by phone or email) 6 days a week (including Saturday), access to a comprehensive support knowledge base, after hours support call access for urgent system down queries, access to our Shopify, Xero and other integrations, access to our supplier invoice import tools.

Here is a video we shot with Tim where some of the unique benefits of this POS software for health food shops and whole foods businesses is explored:

Using this POS software, local and independent health food shops and whole foods businesses can track inventory, manage sales, handle special orders, manage products that are combined in-store to create other products, provide care instructions, offer local specific advice with consistency and more.

Selling online is easy, too, thanks to integrations with Shopify, Woo, Magento and Big Commerce. 

From smart and engaging shopper loyalty, to special customer orders, to selling by weight, to selling fractional quantities, to tracking supplier performance, to accurate selling, to tracking data at each step, this POS software solution is made for local health foods shops and wholefoods businesses.

The best way to see if this software is right for your business is in a personal demonstration. This can be organised once we understand your needs for it is important for us to understand if there is anything specific within your business that this POS software must serve.

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