POS software made for antique shops.

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We are certain that our antique business POS software will not suit all antique businesses. That's not the best way to start of a pitch for you to consider our software, but it is true.

The thing is, each antique business is different. This difference between. business is more considerable in antique businesses than any other we have encountered. This is why we say up front that we are not for everyone.

Our antique business POS software is good in that it offers solutions in several areas of need in these businesses: tracking purchases of second-hand goods, tracking sales, tracking multiple vendors, managing restorations and more. See for yourself in this short video we made in which we explore some of what the antique business POS software offers.

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This video covers a few of the features of this software. There are many many more, which we would love to show you.

Using our antique business POS software you can track sales, track customers and do these things and more with consistency and structure in a way that benefits the business and those it serves

The history of the software across other specialty retail marketplaces is what encouraged us into the antique business space in the first place. We found that our software served several key needs in the channel and have grown from there.

Managing second-hand goods, managing insurance purchases, providing valuations, documenting product provenance, storing product images, offering product care instructions, tracking buyers, tracking sellers … all of these facilities and more are part of the antique business POS software for antique shops from Tower Systems.

Our seamless connectivity to Shopify helps us serve online sale needs too, from the physical shop to online and back in terms of accurate and timely data management.

Using our antique business POS software, antique shops can track sales of items provided by different sellers. You can easily report on sales at this level. you can also aggregate items for reporting or tracking across sellers, based on product type.

This software will continue to evolve as we work together with folks running antique shops. We love enhancement suggestions that benefit a community of retailers.

The Tower Systems antique business POS software is worth looking at, to see if it meets the needs of your retail antique business.

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