Our purpose is to empower local retailers to thrive.

Almost everyone working at Tower Systems has experience working in local indie retail. All of our customers get a say in software enhancements.

We know the more we help local retailers thrive the more they will help us thrive.



Mark Fletcher.

The founder of the company and active today as an engaged CEO. With a programming background and years of sales, marketing and retail experience, Mark is committed to local retailers. mark@towersystems.com.au.


Gavin Williams.

From an engineering background, Gavin is the architecture expert for our software now and to the future. His early life working in the family retail business \ provided an excellent basis for his commitment local retailers. gavin@towersystems.com.au.


Luke Matheson.

Having worked with the company in software installation and training for many years, Luke brings deep knowledge across multiple retail channels to the management of evolving our software. This is reflected in the usability of the software. lukem@towersystems.com.au.


Our sales team is a genuine ensemble, made of up of people who have advanced through our technical ranks into sales roles in the business, bringing with them terrific knowledge and a passion for small business retail sales@towersystems.com.au.

Tim Batt and Justin Randall are specialty retail experts thanks to years of experience serving local small business retailers, providing them with advice and assistance in settling on POS software for their businesses. They are not your usual sales people. They value their reputation and will provide thoughtful advice every time.


Natasha Assetta is our front line, handling admin matters and providing a triage service for our customers. Tash's commitment to helping our customers is focussed. By providing human driven customer service from the first contact is key to customer joy.

Tash is backed by a team of help desk professionals who talk with customers, providing help, training and support - to help them meet business goals through our software.

We're here to help