Sewing shop POS software for sewing and haberdashery businesses.

Rent from $185 a month – unlimited terminals.

Sewing shops can be part retail, part repair / maintenance / part advisory / part teaching. They are unique and often loved businesses.

It was through our bike shop software that has workshop and repairs management tools that we discovered we serve the needs of sewing shops.

Several sewing goods retailers have shown us how our POS software is suitable for the needs of these businesses. From handling special orders, to serial number tracking, to repairs management to selling by fractions - as in lengths of fabric and materials, it turns out our POS software is good for sewing businesses and sewing machine and goods retailers.

It is in these niche areas that we serve, helping specialty retailers like fabric and sewing shops to track what they sell and nurture a better customer experience.

Here is a video we made recently in which we discuss our POS software for sewing shops and demonstrate some of its facilities.

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Since we make our own POS software, we are able to evolve the software to serve evolving needs, and we are able to fine-time our support of the software to ensure that it serves the needs of sewing shops and related businesses that decide the software is a good fit for their needs.

Take the selling of items by decimals or fractions. This is how fabric is sold. We make it easy and accurate. We even handle pricing that can vary based on the length of a fabric purchased. In other words, play less per metre the more you buy. This is handled by the software based on the settings created by those running the sewing shop.

Take repairs. This is a service many sewing shops offer. Our repairs management tools are terrific in supporting this service.

We are not saying that our software is perfect for any sewing shop. That decision must 100% be up to those making the POS software decision in the business. We will demonstrate the software and answer questions, so that the necessary assessments can be made, to determine if our Tower Systems POS software is a good fit for the needs of a sewing business.

Our POS software for sewing shops and sewing machine businesses is already in use. We have people to whom we can refer. It is their innovation that set us on this path. Hence, our gratefulness.

If you do repairs, you may want to see this:

If you would like to see the software, to determine if it serves your business needs, please contact us. We’d welcome the opportunity for an obligation free demonstration.

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