Garden Centre POS software.

Rent for $185 a month – unlimited terminals.

Garden centres are specialty retail businesses and as such they benefit from specialty garden centre POS software, software made for their type of business.

Tower Systems develops, sells and supports garden centre POS software. Serving close to 200 garden centres already, we draw inspiration from a wonderful community of garden centre software users. They guide us, help us and keep us focussed on evolving the software to meet the evolving needs of the retail channel.

Using this retail channel specific software, garden centres can provide personal service for their local community. They can encode their knowledge and guide that this be served to customers based on their purchases. Through these facilities garden centres can differentiate their businesses.

Here is a short video where Tim from our sales team and Mark, our CEO, talk about our garden centre software and show you several of the features of this software that garden centre staff like.

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Unlike traditional everyday POS software, this garden centre POS software from Tower Systems is rich in features for garden centres, loaded with tools and reports that can help garden centre owners and staff run a more efficient and successful business.

The software evolves through regular updates. Many of the changes delivered in the updates are suggested direct to our development team by our users. It’s a transparent and democratic process.

Here are some of the benefits garden centre staff and owners tell us they love about the software:

  • EASILY SELL BY MEASURE OR WEIGHT: in whole numbers or fractions.
  • LOCALISED CARE RECEIPTS: with your personal care information.
  • OUTDOOR LABELS: high res., customisable weatherproof.
  • MAKE MORE MONEY AS PLANTS GROW: re-pot, charge accordingly.
  • BUNDLED PACKS: package a plant, pot and nutrients with a single price.
  • SEASONAL MARKETING: leverage your local seasonal planting advice.
  • ORDER FOR SEASONS: reorder based on previous seasonal sales history.
  • SAVE TIME: Import electronic invoices and orders are a breeze!
  • SELL MORE WITH BUY NOW, PAY LATER: through Zip and Humm.
  • CUSTOMER ACCOUNTS: Tight management.
  • EASIER DELIVERIES: delivery notes and picking slips.
  • EASY SPECIAL ORDERS: complete tracking and notification.
  • HELP CUSTOMERS BUY ITEMS TOGETHER. Leverage your sales data.

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