Stock control and management with Tower Systems.

The stock management facilities built into Tower Systems’ specialist retail software are the backbone of sound retail management. As a business owner you need granular knowledge of the stock in your business if you are to make successful decisions. You also need authoritative control over your stock in order to implement those decisions and grow your business.

Tower Systems provides far-reaching stock control across all of its software packages for different retail marketplaces. Although some aspects of stock management are uniquely applicable to particular industries – for example repotting for garden centres – whether you’re a bike or a toy shop, accurate and thorough stock control is integral to your business.

You can’t sell what you don’t have and you need to find what you have that you can’t sell.

We have supported and refined stock facilities for retailers through over thirty years of technological change, earning us perspective on what works in retail and what doesn’t.

Our stock management facilities empower you with:

  • Multisite stock identification including short and long description, barcode, PLU, supplier stock code, department, category, RRP, freight, GST, discount ability, status and other fields.
  • Groupings and mixing of stock into cartons, boxes and hampers.
  • Parent stock items and options for periodical publications.
  • Manufactured goods capacity with component-based stock assemblage.
  • Advanced quantities and quantity-on-hand directives with POS warnings and automated ordering.
  • Companion notes for stock items – both appearing on-screen for staff and in-line on printed receipts for customers.
  • Automated and manual stock label and barcode printing.
  • Newly updated, best-practise stocktaking facilities with range of hardware supported.
  • Electronic and manual invoice arrival of stock.
  • Detailed business intelligence reporting on stock, sales, write-offs, discrepancies and more.
  • Flexible customer account invoicing of stock sales, charges and payments.

When partnering with Tower Systems you can be assured of total data integrity – imagine intimate control over every single stock item in your store. No surprise stock levels. No mystery stock items. No confusing search screens. Just good data at your fingertips, which will allow your stock to shine and let you get on with growing your business.

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