Staff Management.

Managing staff is an ongoing challenge for small business retailers, who are often pillars in their local community. It is tempting to employ family, friends or acquaintances and then base decisions about labour in the business through a personal lens. Instead, structured processes and accurate business data should be used to make all business decisions, including those involved in employee management. We’re all human, but in retail business human factors directly affect revenue.

The smart tools in Tower Systems’ specialist retail software help business owners employ consistency, planning and comfort to employee management, allowing you to build your business in the process.

Our cloud-based employee roster management features give you the flexibility to manage rostering and scheduling from any device, right in your Internet browser. Customise your work days with multiple employees, send rosters to staff through SMS and notify them of roster changes. Active engagement with staff rosters gives you the capacity to respond to fast and slow periods throughout the year and adjust labour outlay in the face of unexpected surprises – simply with the click of a mouse.

Sales tracking by employee is easy with Tower Systems. All sales are identified by staff member, including deleted sales, discounts and other behaviour. Keystrokes can be tracked by employee and performance can be assessed across a variety of business intelligence reports. You can identify suspicious sales, excellent customer service, fast and slow selling and more through these reports.

Staff contact information is stored securely within your software, each with a unique colour and PIN code. Customised permission levels are also built into the software, so you can rest assured that staff can only access certain parts of the software – for example, the Point of Sale screen.

By using these tools and other facilities business owners and managers can build stronger outcomes for their business and provide better oversight and management of employees. Knowing the economic value of an employee to a business can provide immediate benefit to cash flow and profit. Tower Systems is dedicated to your business data and gives you the tools to use this data wisely.

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