Remote management of your retail business.

No matter how much you may want to micromanage your business on the shop floor, life has a habit of getting in the way. Time away from the physical space of your retail business is not only good for your mental health, but it gives you a sense of perspective as you inspect the store from a distance.

Tower Systems understands that small business owners need to be off-site sometimes – for well-earned holidays, unfortunate sick days or travel commitments. We offer remote management capabilities through Teamviewer or Chrome Remote Desktop so you can stay in control and manage your business wherever you are.

When you check in with your business remotely you can perform a number of business management functions in addition to directing and viewing business intelligence reports. Some functions can be automated and delivered directly to your phone or email – for example, if a staff member closes the store and runs the End of Shift procedure, the day’s sales and other statistics will be at your fingertips as data is instantly emailed to you. If your cash or EFTPOS balance is out, you can then take immediate action.

This extends to alarms for suspicious behaviour. If a staff member discounts a big-ticket item too heavily or cancels too many sales you can be instantly notified via SMS or email. You then have the option to log in to the system and minimise the damage or make any necessary adjustments.

Remote management also gives you the convenience to perform tasks with the software at a time more suitable for you. If you are often engaged at the counter of your retail business, or if you find yourself short-staffed for a week, you may want to do stock item maintenance and perform other work away from the shop floor. Some suppliers also send electronic invoices overnight; using remote management you can arrive electronic invoices over your breakfast cereal, rather than later in the shop, when you could be working on displays or other physical work.

The ability to manage your business from afar is a crucial asset to Tower Systems’ specialist retail software, whether you’re a bike shop, a garden centre or a jeweller – all retail industries benefit from the technology.

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