Tower Systems continues to offer a number of SMS services accessible through our specialist software for retailers. First introduced by us over ten years ago, SMS integration is a popular and widely regarded facility in our software: independent business owners love it!

These time-saving, targeted communications will help you to engage in marketing, manage your employees, supervise complex orders and reach out to customers - saving you money in the process. Some of the functions you can perform through Tower Systems' software with SMS include:

  • Sending targeted marketing campaigns direct to shoppers' phones
  • Delivering work roster updates and scheduled messages to employees
  • Reminding customers to pick up orders, follow-ups on payments and invoices
  • Issuing updates on opening hours and public holidays to shoppers

Mobile SMS remains a privileged form of marketing communication in a time of near-universal smart phone penetration, an area in which Australia leads the world. You can embed links in an SMS with the knowledge that the customer is much more likely to view them than if they were in a standard email. Recent research suggests that 90% of SMS messages are opened within 30 seconds of delivery.

While email and other marketing methods are still important, SMS is often seen as a more personal form of reach-out for customers to respond to. Utilising clever, personal SMS marketing can successively leverage your retail business above its impersonal big box competitors and build a sense of community.

Tower Systems recommends partnering with business SMS specialists Message Media. The Message Media service quickly and simply integrates with our retail software, making it easy to manage all SMS functions. Message Media offers free trials and a number of plans to suit your business.

Pricing and additional information can be found here for Australian retailers and here for New Zealand retailers.

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