Dedicated accounting software allows accountants and business owners to manage their finances and make big business decisions easier. A clear view of your financial situation is vital in the rapidly changing world of retail business in Australia. Tower Systems knows this and has supported an Accounting Link with its software for years to ensure you can maintain a big-picture view of your overall business without wasting time or money.

Using an accounting platform in conjunction with Tower Systems' comprehensive suite of business intelligence reports is the smartest way to eliminate questions and take control of your cash flow, tax obligations and more. If your current point of sale provider doesn't offer a robust accounting link, then you're losing out.

In addition to Tower Systems' link with Xero, our specialist retail software integrates with other popular accounting packages such as MYOB and Quickbooks. Both of these accounting options are tried and true solutions that have proven themselves over decades alongside Tower Systems' specialist point of sale software. Traditional and SaaS/cloud-based alternatives are available to suit your business lifestyle with platforms working across multiple devices such as tablets and phones.

The Tower Systems Accounting Link works by establishing a digital connection to MYOB or QB, then sending your business data quickly and accurately across platforms. With the click of a button you or your accountant can avoid spending hours re-entering data already captured and recorded by your Point of Sale. After a long week's work running your retail business on the shop floor, the last thing you need to do is wrangle with accounting or double-handle data on the weekend.

MYOB, QB and Xero each offer competitive pricing and subscription plans on their websites. For detailed pricing and more information on each of the accounting platforms, click on the links below.

MYOB | Quickbooks | Xero

If you are already an accounting software customer and want to enable the Accounting Link within your Tower Systems retail software environment, we encourage you to get in contact with the Tower Systems team. We can facilitate your accounting integration remotely and immediately make your bookkeeping simpler.

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