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We are grateful to the more than 1,750 newsagents who use the Tower Systems newsagency software in their business. This is an awesome community of newsagents using the software.

The newsagency software developed and sold by Tower Systems is very different today from the software it first released in 1981.

The Tower newsagency software today is elegant, incredibly functional, valuable and connected. Through this software, newsagents can connect with suppliers, feed data seamlessly to an online store, do many newsagent specific things and evolve the business to attract new and valuable shoppers.

Here is a 26-minute video where we take you into the newsagency software and also speak to how you can use the software to easily sell online:

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While this, for sure, is newsagency specific software, it does go way beyond this, offering newsagents opportunities to evolve their businesses into other areas, to make them more valuable and to cushion them against the inevitable change.

From a newsagency operation specific perspective, though, this newsagency POS software handles to best practice industry standards for areas such as magazine management, magazine returns, newspaper subscriptions, newspaper home delivery, magazine putaways, supplier electronic invoices, customer special orders, Epay integration for selling phone vouchers and other electronic vouchers.

Folks who run traditional newsagencies love the software because it handles the traditional requirements well. Folks who run newsagencies that are different, outside what is usual love the software, too, because of how it serves outside what has been traditional for newsagency businesses.

Tower Systems is a unique newsagency software company in that it owns and runs newsagency businesses. The company bought its first newsagency in February 1996. It has owned newsagencies ever since – using its newsagency software, walking in the shoes of customers, providing all staff with a live testing space and learning more about the software / retail business interface in a way that is valuable for all Tower Systems customers.

Beyond the newsagency software itself, Tower Systems helps newsagents with marketing advice, theft mitigation advice and a range of other management level supports and assistances. We believe in this quintessential Australian retail channel and appreciate opportunities to genuinely help newsagents run better and more successful businesses.

Our commitment is to help newsagents connect with suppliers. We are usually first to deliver new connections and to do so for no or minimal cost for small business newsagents. Market share is what helps us do this. It’s another differentiating factor for Tower Systems and our newsagency software.

Now, here’s a video of a longer, more comprehensive, demonstration of this awesome POS software made for Aussie newsagents:

Please contact us for a personal deep dive into our newsagency software. We’d love to show you what this awesome software can do.

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