Tyro integrated POS software for small business retailers.

Tower Systems offers Point of Sale software directly integrated with the Tyro EFTPOS solution. Tyro is a smart, safe and ideal EFTPOS solution for small business retailers.

The Tower Systems Point of Sale software has integrated with Tyro for more than ten years with well over 1,000 small business retailers using Tyro through the Tower Systems Tyro integration.

Thanks to the POS software integration with Tyro EFTPOS, retailers are able to tap into the benefits of reduced mistakes, faster sales processing, easier sales processing, tighter management control and easier handling of refunds.

As a partner of Tyro from the outset of the Tyro business, Tower Systems has been at the forefront of Tyro advances, guiding and encouraging the company to innovate as Tower itself has innovated through its small business retail management POS software.

From the Point of Sale screen in the POS software, Tyro is accessible for contactless payments as well as chip and pin. Customers can also benefit from the Tower Systems Retailer Roam portable POS software product where POS is taken on the road for out of store sales using a tablet or iPad App to access the Tower software and through this Tyro EFTPOS payments.

Tower Systems small business retailers love Tyro EFTPOS for its speed, accuracy, ease of use and settlement options.

Tower Systems can help retailers achieve lower EFTPOS fees thanks to its relationship with Tyro. Tower works on behalf of retailers to deliver benefits that are financial and operational, the kind of benefits small business retailers appreciate and can bank on in their businesses, through to their own P&L.

The Tower POS software integration with Tyro EFTPOS is secure. No credit card details are stores, no hack risk exists. This is good news for customers who shop in shops using the Tower POS software and paying through Tyro EFTPOS. We can provide customers with peace of mind in terms of security and data protection. Our approach is best practice.

The Tyro EFTPOS / Tower Systems partnership is one on which small business retailers can rely as an alternative to the big bank approach. It’s fast, secure, safe and time saving. It is a solution for these times. Good for business.

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