Tracking KPIs in small business retail.

KPIs in retail matter. They matter in any business, actually, but in small business retail, which is highly competitive, KPIs matter, they matter a lot.

Tower Systems helps small business retailers track KPIs and we help them understand these KPIs. From stock turn to return on investment to inventory failure to over indexing by supplier and category, the smart Tower Systems POS software and associated KPI tracking and reporting tools offer small business retailers insights on which they can bank for their businesses.

Using KPIs small business retailers are able to compete with the party that matters most to them, themselves. We can report on these business performance KPIs in ways that facilitate trading period comparisons and this is something we have found useful to small business retailers.

Offering fixed and dynamic KPI reporting, our POS software and our insight tools deliver reporting outcomes, KPI highlights, on which small business retailers can rely to understand opportunities that may lie ahead for their businesses.

Our KPI work is focussed only on the needs of small business retailers. We have delivered solutions for their types of businesses, KPI data points and insights that will be meaningful to them, useful to them and able to be used in the types of businesses they run.

What we offer today in terms of KPI tracking and highlights will vary from what we bring to the market tomorrow and beyond. Our focus changes as the needs of the marketplace evolve. Our customers are wonderful at offering us guidance as to the KPIs that are most useful to them. We encourage and appreciate this.

Oh, and for those wondering, KPI means Key Performance Indicator. It’s a clever acronym that is used a lot in business. We use it because people tend to understand what we are talking about if we do.

Key Performance Indicators should focus your attention on data points that are key, that are genuinely valuable in the short term to the business, data points that can change what you do and through this the money you can make from the business.

The KPI reporting by the Tower POS software is a benefit-focussed platform for small business retailers.

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