POS Software prices.

Here at Tower Systems we are committed to transparency. We don't like it when we enquire about a product if we can't easily see the price. So, here is our POS software pricing, by marketplace.

But first, let’s explain the differences in pricing. This is because of differences in functionality of each marketplace-specific version of our specialty retail POS software. Our approach to pricing is also informed by our years of experience serving a variety of retail businesses. The rental price includes software access, software support and updates, all of this has to be considered.

The prices below are for rental, on a 30 day cycle basis. There is no lock-in contract. You can give notice at any time and from the next billing will be cancelled.

Our rental prices for our POS software include in the one price: access to the Tower Systems POS software on as many computers in the location as needed, access to software updates, POS software help desk access, comprehensive knowledge base access.

There is no cost tied to the number of transactions you do in the business or to the number of terminals in use in a business or to the number of users of the software.

Included in each version of the software is access to our Xero integration as well as to integrations for Shopify, Magneto and WooCommerce. Plus, MYOB through a third party.

Now, here is the pricing per 30 days including GST is:

  • Gift Shop: $159.00.
  • Jeweller: $185.00.
  • Garden Centre: $185.00.
  • Farm Supply / Produce business: $199.00.
  • Fishing and Outdoors shop: $185.00.
  • Bike Shop: $185.00.
  • Pet Shop: $155.00.
  • Toy Shop: $155.00.
  • Newsagent: $185.00.
  • Firearms Dealer: $185.00.
  • Music Shop: $185.00.
  • Bookshop: $155.00.
  • Mobility Scooter Business: $185.00.
  • Sewing / Haberdashery / Fabric Shop: $185.00.
  • Antique Shop: $185.00.
  • Doll Shop: $155.00.
  • Game Shop: $155.00.
  • Adult Shop: $155.00.
  • Vape Shop: $155.00.

Installation and training.

The only additional charge to access the Tower software is an installation / setup / training fee. This varies based on days required for that version and the work required for that version. It varies from $1,990.00 to $2,990.00. These prices include GST.

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