POS hardware for small business retailers.

Tower Systems offers POS hardware solutions for small business retailers. This is respected brand-name hardware carefully tested and chosen by the company to serve the in-store retail business need.

Our POS hardware choices focus on reliability, serviceability, speed and durability. All of these add to value for money for retailers. These are the requirements of POS software for small business retailers.

Anyone interested in POS computer hardware pricing and information from the POS software experts in our business can shop online with us or email us for personal service at hardware@towersystems.com.au. Tell us what you need and our hardware expert will come back to you with suggestions.

We are a POS software company first and foremost. That is our core business, develop and support POS software for small business retailers. That said, over the years we have sold plenty of hardware, leveraging our knowledge and our own experiences in shops we have run to help retailers find good quality POS hardware on which they can rely.

POS hardware is specialty in nature, just like POS software. It takes time to find the right gear. In our experience, we have found brand-name gear to be the best. Hence our relationships with HP, Epson, Zebra and more as they have served our POS hardware needs well as well as the needs of our customers.

Receipt printers, barcode scanners, cash drawers, portable data entry units (PDEs), laptops, registers, touchscreens and more all form part of the POS hardware suite that we serve in or service of retailers as they kit up to run their businesses.

The actual hardware we recommend changes with time and changes with supply chain situations. 2020 has been particularly difficult when it comes to POS hardware supply. Many of the leading hardware manufacturers have been successful in making other arrangements to facilitate alternative routes to market in order to ensure they can continue to serve despite disruption.

So, if you are looking for POS hardware for your business, check out what we carry and whether we may be able to serve your need. If we can help, we’d be grateful for your business. You’ll find us transparent and certainly not pushy for business.

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