Australian Point of Sale software for specialty retailers in Queensland.

Tim Batt manages Point of Sale sales for Tower Systems in SA and VIC. Tim has excellent retail and tech. experience having worked with small business retailers for years offering practical help and support. Having lived in Melbourne and Adelaide, Tim knows local needs and situations well. He started with Tower in a computer shop we owned and evolve into support of our POS software.

Tim then moved into a sales role, leveraging his experience and knowledge into helping retailers discover the benefits of our POS software.

Tim has experience from working directly with jewellers, garden centres, bike shops, toy shops, pet stores, produce businesses, farm supply businesses, fishing shops, newsagents, adult shops, homewares stores and more … learning about their needs and seeing whether the Point of Sale software that we develop, sell and support could be useful to their business needs.

Discovery is key to Tim’s contact with retailers. Through conversations with business owners, managers and staff he seeks to learn about what is needed to serve the business and its customers. It’s a process that has served retail businesses well.

It is a collaborative process that follows the timeline needs of the business owners. There is no pressure. Tim will say so if he feels that our Point of Sale software is not a good fit for any business. His reputation is important to him, he takes his role seriously as he wants to be trusted. To demonstrate this, Tim is available for contact with customers long after our software is installed.

Retail businesses in VIC and SA looking for Point of Sale software should speak with Tim, to see whether the Tower Systems Point of Sale software is a good fit for their business, a good solution to serve the needs.

Tim's pre-sales process is simple: understand the needs of the business first. This involves research and conversations. He seeks out information about the business and he applies this learned information to his knowledge of what our Point of Sale software can do. If he finds a good fit, he will arrange to demonstrate the software and do this in a collaborative and engaged way to help the business.

The goal is to give small business retailers everything they could possibly want to know about our Point of Sale software before they make a decision so that they can be confident as to the appropriateness of the decision for their business.

Email Tim to connect.

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