Thank you for shopping local.

Those words mean a lot, but maybe not in the way you think. Often, they are written or uttered without thinking.

Take a moment. Say the words out loud. Thank you for shopping local.

When we hear a "shop local" pitch, it's easy to think it's from a rich local business owner looking to get richer. The reality is often quite different.

Local shops are asked almost daily to help with this or that local community group, from putting a poster in the window to making a cash donation to donating a prize for a raffle to sponsoring an event.

Local business owners can only support local community groups if the local community supports them. It’s true. Their financial capacity is determined by local shoppers.

So, when you shop local, you're not just supporting a local business owner. You're supporting all who rely on the business from employees and their families, and you are also supporting your local community.

Here are some of the ways that shopping local benefits your community:

  • It creates jobs. When you shop at a local business, the money you spend stays in the community. This helps to create jobs and boost the local economy.
  • It helps local businesses support local. A local shop that benefits from business from members of a local community group is more likely to support that group.
  • It strengthens our community. When we shop local, we're supporting the businesses that make our community a great place to live. We're also supporting places that are part of our local story.

We are grateful here at Tower Systems to offer locally made POS software that helps local retailers to pitch local, embrace local and support local community group. Our software has local support embedded in its DNA.

We help locals live, love and support local.

Next time you're out shopping, think about the impact your choices have on your community. Choose to shop local, and you'll be helping to make your community a better place for everyone.

So next time you're thinking about where to shop, remember the importance of shopping local. It's good for your community, and it's good for the environment.

Take a moment. Say the words out loud. Thank you for shopping local.

Thank you for supporting local workers, local community groups, local business owners and local stories.

Shop local is big, important and valuable. The more all of us engage locally the more our local community benefits, and that ripples out. It’s wonderful to see.

We are grateful to be part of the shop local story in so many local towns, so many local shops.

Thank you for shopping local.


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