Linkly EFTPOS integration for POS software

For more than ten years, small business retailers using the POS software from Tower Systems have had access to major bank EFTPOS integration through PC-EFTPOS. The Tower Systems POS software is directly integrated with and approved by PC-EFTPOS. PC-EFTPOS in mid 2020 changed their name to Linkly.

This integration is robust, proven and reliable. It helps small business retailers save time in sales as it eliminates keystrokes, makes selling faster, more reliable and more streamlined. It is a good solution at the sales counter for small business retailers.

Working closely with Linkly the Tower Systems POS software Linkly integration is a standard part of the Tower POS solution. It is available to all customers in all types of businesses that are approved by Linkly. Tower has worked with this platform since back when it was called PC-EFTPOS, long before the Linkly name change.

Through this integration, retailers are able to leverage their existing major banking relationships for transacting EFTPOS at the sales counter and doing this live through the POS software without leaving the POS software and without having to touch the EFTPOS keypad or enter any data into the keypad – this is what the POS software Linkly / PC-EFTPOS integration delivered for the retailers.

This physical store solution for transacting credit card and related sales is ideal for small business retailers who want to maintain banking relationships. The Linkly / PC-EFTPOS platform facilitates this and its approved and proven integration with the Tower Systems POS software delivers ideally for small business retailers.

Helping small business retailers run efficient and safe retail businesses is part of the Tower Systems POS software mission. The company is focussed on operational best practice at the counter and through the business.

We are grateful to Linkly for their support and wish them well with their new name.

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