Smart holiday season selling using POS software

Holiday season selling is key to retailers in many retail channels. Today, though, holiday season can mean much more than it used to. Whereas in the past it related to Christmas and, maybe, school holidays, today, holiday selling can be seasonal is it relates to retail channels.

  • Pet shops can host holiday sales that align with animal events.
  • Fishing and outdoors shops can host holiday sales related to local fishing carnival events.
  • Jewellers and gift shops can host holiday season sales events associated with baptism, confirmation and holy communion events and seasons.
  • Bike shops can host holiday seasons connected with the Tour de France or similar.
  • Garden centres can host holiday season events connected with the major seasons of spring and summer and similar.
  • Farm supply and produce businesses can host holiday season events connected with major regional and rural events and dates.

The thing is, a holiday season is whatever a retailer makes. Today, they can create the season to work best for their business. And, they can use their POS software to promote the event and manage opportunities through the event. This is where POS software can play a key role in the success of a holiday season event.

Whether it is discounts, bundled pricing, BOGO offers, seasonal product opportunities or other holiday season connected offers or treats, your POS software can be there, facilitating engagement, ensuring consistent offering of these to serve the needs of the business and its customers, to thereby maximise the opportunity the season presents.

Holiday season events can boost a business in-store as well as online. The key is measuring the engagement and through this making decisions for future such events, to ensure they are commercially viable for the business.

The POS software is the data manager, the monitoring tool, marketing tool and supplier performance tracker. It is central to all holiday season activity in a business.

Tower Systems serves retailers across multiple retail channels and through this we are able to bring to the table experience from one channel that can serve the needs of another retail channel. This cross-channel sharing can unlock new holiday season opportunities.

Like anything in small business retail, being nimble and focussed are key. Small business retailers excel at being nimble and focussed and we are grateful to help with this.

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