Is Shopify POS software the best POS solution for your retail business?

Shopify is an awesome website platform for retailers. It offers a technical framework that retailers love and appreciate. Tower Systems is grateful to have been a Shopify partner for many years, integrating our local small business retail POS software with the Shopify platform to provide a whole of business in-store and online retail management solution.

Shopify POS is a point of sale platform from Shopify for in-store retail. It is from Shopify. Like Tower Systems, many POS software companies have their own POS solutions that connect with Shopify.

We have looked at the Shopify POS offering and found it wanting when it comes to the needs of specialty retailers. In our view, it is basic, incomplete in areas of need that we know of in our specialty retail niches.

When it comes to software itself, Shopify POS is okay, but it is not mature, deep or all that functional. Specialty retailers need specialty software that can work to their specific shop management needs. That's what they tell us.

Jewellers, garden centres, bike shops, to shops, pet shops, music shops, fabric stores, sewing businesses, newsagents, antique shops ... they all have specialty needs that are unique to their businesses. the basic nature of what you have in Shopify POS will not serve specialty needs of these and other businesses.

Outside of functionality, however, is the matter of customer service. Go to the Shopify website and look at their Shopify POS information. Look for a number to call to ask some questions. Try it.

Now, go to our Tower Systems website,, and call the number you can see there and ask questions.

The two experiences will be very different. Ours is local and human, established for the needs of local small business retailers. We want to speak with you. that is why we make it so easy.

Is Shopify POS the best POS solution for your retail business? Only you can know this. Only you can do the research. For sure, it is easy. But, easy does not make it the best.

Tower Systems makes specialty POS software for local specialty small business retailers. We dive deep into the needs of a retail channel to serve them and the needs of those who supply them. We are grateful to serve more than 3,000 local small business retailers in our mission.

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