Tower Systems offers MYOB Retail Manager alternative.

With reports in the field of MYOB Retail Manager at end of life in terms of software enhancement and software support by the MYOB business, Tower Systems is grateful to help retailers using MYOB Retail Manager to transition to the fresh R3 Tower Systems POS software.

The Tower Systems POS software can be rented for a few dollars a day. This includes access on unlimited computers in a location, software updates and 24/7 support. Rental can be cancelled at any time.

This Australian made POS software is already in use in more than 3,500 retail businesses.

Tower Systems has experience in helping small business retailers migrate from MYOB Retail Manager to the Tower Point of Sale software. This migration is a collaborative approach, bringing across data retailers want, if it can be accessed with certainty from the MYOB software platform.

In converting a retail business from MYOB Retail Manager to the Tower Systems POS software, the company follows a structured process for data conversion, system setup, user training and on-going personal customer support. Tower Systems does this work itself, using its own people. It does not rely on external contractors or third-party businesses. This matters as it shows Tower Systems accepts responsibility for customer achievement and satisfaction. While we appreciate tech experts out in the field, we think using our own people maintains a closer customer relationship.

Many retailers have switched from MYOB Retail Manager to the Tower Systems POS software. We are grateful for this and their sharing of information that has helped us further refine what is involved in the process. Their experiences have helped us better serve those making the switch now and those who will switch from MYOB Retail Manager in the future.

MYOB Retail Manager software users who switch to our POS software and want to keep using MYOB for account ting functions can do this as we link to MYOB through a third-party available platform that ensures data feed integrity. Those who want to switch to Xero can do so and rely on the direct Xero link that we offer in our POS software in partnership with Xero.

Any retailer considering switching from MYOB Retail Manager to the Tower Systems POS software is welcome to look at our software to see if it serves the needs of the business. We can do this giving you hands-on access to the software so you can feel it for yourself. There is no pressure, no demands. Take your time. See if the software is right. We, too, will advise if we feel our POS software is not a good fit for your business.

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